Fall Editorial - Where to Elope in Prospect Park: 6 Hidden Gems

Love the iconic architectural views and natural scenery of Central Park for your elopement? But feelin’ that Brooklyn vibe?! We get it! Brooklyn is easy to fall in love with and Prospect Park is just one of the many reasons why.

So if you’re a nature-loving, adventure-seeking, art-inspired, trailblazing couple who wants to elope somewhere romantically scenic without the city crowds, get married in Prospect Park. You’ll thank us later.

Text by our partner in crime Daniela VillaRamos of Once Upon a Vow

Fair warning: some of these Prospect Park elopement spots don’t have readily identifiable names that can be found on Google maps so make sure to check out the links in the description to the pre-pinned locations complete with latitude and longitude for your ease and exploration. You’re VERY welcome!

Binnen Bridge: This wooden bridge connects park-goers from the Music Pagoda, which was once a theater venue, to the uber popular Prospect Park wedding location, The Boathouse. Symbolically, bridges are a beautiful place to elope since you’re “crossing over” into married life together! But even though The Binnen Bridge is relatively more quiet than its sister bridges, make sure to keep in mind that local bikers, runners, and dog walkers will pass by no matter what.

Binnen Falls: A waterfall in Brooklyn? YESSS! We’re full of surprises, aren’t we?! Right below the Binnen Bridge, you’ll find the sweetest waterfall which makes for an idyllic ceremony backdrop. The great news is that you don’t even have to break a sweat getting to it. Just make sure to watch your step.

Binnen’s Rustic Viewing Stand: While most elopement spots require some standing room, this unnamed gem is one of the few that comes with it’s very own natural seating. Located steps away from Binnen Bridge with a paved path leading to it, you’ll get married with sounds of the nearby waterfall and a picturesque view of Prospect Park’s Boathouse. Could you ask for anything more?

Lullwater Bridge: Prospect Park’s iron bridge overlooks the most popular wedding venue in the park, The Boathouse. Most couples take portrait shots at the Lullwater Bridge post-ceremony, but on early mornings and quiet weekdays, you can have this baby and its architectural eye-candy all to yourself.

Rustic Arbor: The natural branch-like structure of the Rustic Arbor resembles one you’d find in a Long Island vineyard. With views of the lake and plenty of standing room for roughly 20 people - this sweet elopement spot, sought out mostly by locals, is one of many hidden gems you’ll fall for.

Baier Music Island: If you prefer interesting architectural structures with a natural setting, but definitely don’t want to hike for it - the Baier Music Island is right up your alley. Much busier over the summer and warm Fall months, this location is known for its loud concert music so it’s best to elope on an early morning weekday here.

Wellhouse Drive Bridge Underpass: Located between the the Baier Music Island and the Rustic Arbor, the Wellhouse Bridge Underpass is one of many structures you can use as shelter from the rain. If you’re lucky enough to pass by as the sun sets, you’ll catch the rays reflecting off the lake dancing above you.

Peninsula’s Narnia Tree: This unmarked location is the trickiest to find but once you do, you’ll get why we dubbed it The Narnia Tree. It’s large shady branches are hidden away on the Peninsula, far east of the Well House and near the Prospect Park Lake, creating a perfect location for an intimate ceremony and maybe even a first dance!

These eight elopement spots in Prospect Park are only the tip of the iceberg. Trust us when we say, there are countless hidden gems that we can’t wait to share with you!

 love is the air!

love is the air!

Amour and Lace Photography  |  Gown: Nathalie Kraynina Bride  |  Florals: Rosewood Floral Co.  |  Hair: Eye Candy Hairstyles  |  Makeup: Angela Valentino  |  Bridal Accessories: Alyson Nicole  |  Officiant: Once Upon A Vow  |  Wedding Bands: Bario Neal    |  LOCATION


Wedding Editorial Shoot at Hotel on Rivington Text by our partner in crime: Sheena Meekins of Gina Esposito Photography

Nathalie Kraynina BrideBond_Girl_Bride_GinaEsposito-62.jpg

Earlier this summer, we partnered with some of the city's top creatives and more specifically Gina and Sheena of Gina Esposito Photography to style and shoot an autumn wedding editorial that let our collective creativity run free. The resultthousands of chic unconventional gems inspiring the story below. Enjoy!


If 1958 met 2018 in the crisp, minimalist palette of a Manhattan penthouse, this would be the scene. A nuanced editorial, surrounding a dynamic leading lady at the intersection of elevated glamour and playful sophistication. In short—the story of a modern, Bond Girl bride. Inspired, perhaps, by the iconic alter ego of the traditional bride, the concept aimed to strike a balance between past and present, while evoking a sense of intrigue, romance and allure. 

As an intentional departure from the whimsical garden weddings of late, we opted to tell a story that explores a variety of modernist-fem fashion looks, set against a backdrop of sweeping city views and rich, vintage details. The Penthouse at Hotel on Rivington in New York City served as the primary location—offering its sleek skyline and signature staircase as the ideal canvas for a vaguely mischievous, metropolitan affair. 

We outfitted our model in four unique looks, fulfilling the requisite number of Bond Girl wardrobe changes with elegant separates including beaded long sleeve and tulle tops with flirtatious skirts featuring layered pleats, nude mesh and silk floral detailing. Hairstylist, Michael Glorioso and Makeup Artist, Stephanie Perez, collaborated to create an old Hollywood-inspired look styled to bring a classic timelessness to the otherwise structured, modernist bridal designs in separates collection. The looks culminated with a bold after-party scene, set in the hotel’s retro-chic Jia Lounge.

For decor, Please B Seated provided rentals to help transform the space. A chocolate wooden table, espresso benches, mixed chairs, gold savoy dinnerware and a lush green hedge to contrast the urbane environment with natural textures. Amanda Pierce Productions styled florals from the bouquet to the tablescape, incorporating sultry, velvety amaranths, purple ranunculus and pale roses. This interplay of decade and era was also mirrored in the age-inspired engagement ring from Marisa Perry Atelier and the of-the-moment edge of the three-tier, black dahlia and berry cake by Pip n Bits.

Altogether, each piece of the story converges into an aesthetic that conveys mood, polish, texture, drama, and assertive, intelligent style for the Bond Girl bride and beyond.


Photography: Gina Esposito Venue: Hotel On Rivington  Dresses: Nathalie Kraynina Bridal Shoes: Nina Jewelry/Rings: Marisa Perry Atelier Event Styling & Florals: Amanda Pierce Productions Event & Furniture Rentals: Please B Seated Cake: Pip n BitsHair: Michael Glorioso Makeup: Stephanie Perez Stationery - Invitations & Menu Cards: One Suite Day Calligraphy: Karis Calligraphy Place Cards: Letters From Eden Model: Vanessa Ratnavich Production Fairygodmother: Alex Dimitrovski <3