Tips For a Healthy Glow On Your Wedding Day – An Essential Guide To Beautiful Wedding Day Skincare Regiment For The Modern Bride

We all want radiant, healthy skin for our big day. This requires some work and a good regimen, especially because the wedding preparations are stressful. Makeup, of course will help, but bright, healthy skin as a base is essential. Here are some tips to ensure that you can have the best skin for your wedding.

Start On It Early

Like, now. Really… I mean it! Time and consistency are very important. Just slamming tons of expensive beauty products on your face and neck or trying new products or procedures days before the wedding, regardless of how highly advertised they may come, will not make much difference. It could actually end in blemishes and/or allergic reactions. Invest in the best-quality products that you can afford. It’s better to use natural products on your skin. Always read the ingredients list on any skincare product before you buy to make sure they are natural and cannot adversely affect your skin. Never believe in quick solutions and miracles. There are no miracle products, just good and some not so good.

See An Esthetician: Book an appointment with an experienced esthetician as soon as possible, particularly if you do not have an established skincare routine. I know that this may be pricey, but you must work the visit into your budget, even if you need to make some changes regarding other items in it. A professional person will know what is best for the type and condition of your skin and will help you create a daily regimen. After the initial consultation – if you can afford it – continue with monthly appointments in the months before the wedding. If not, at least have a consultation no later than two weeks before your event for cleaning or waxing, etc., is a must.

Consistent At-Home Regimen: Taking some time to attend to you skin every day is essential to long-term results. In addition to good products, there are many simple and ordinary things you can and must do to make your skin healthy. Fortunately, they do not require an extra budget – just knowledge and discipline. Here are a few examples:

Hydration: Drink a healthy amount of water every day. If you don’t, your skin will be affected negatively and may look sagging, flaky, dry, and loose. Drink green tea daily, if possible. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that experts say can even help reduce acne.

Cleaning your face: The makeup you apply and the pollution from the environment sitting on your face will always block and enlarge your skin pores. Therefore, you should make it a habit to clean your face before bed each night, regardless of how tired you are.


Exfoliation: The skin cells on your face die because of various reasons. The dead cells will block the helpful pores, and this will have negative effects on your skin. By exfoliating weekly or monthly, you will be able to get rid of all the dead skin cells and to remove any other unwanted substances that might be on your skin. Your esthetician will suggest the proper exfoliation for your type of skin.

Don’t forget the lips and eyes and neck! Use Chapstick or balm and a good eye cream daily. Another golden rule in your daily routine – always give your neck and décolletage the same care you give your face! They are just as important.

Make sure to always wear SPF 30+ on your face, neck and décolletage. Do this regardless whether the sun is out or you’re just in your car. Using a sunscreen that has SPF will ensure your skin remains healthy all the time.

Healthy diet: The foods you eat determine the health of your skin. Eating the right foods, such as watermelon for hydration, grapefruit for Vitamin C, kale for Vitamins A and K, fiber, nuts, etc., will give your skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Tomatoes, for instance, contain a high level of lycopene, which is a powerful skin antioxidant used in some of the most expensive facial cleansers. Cucumber is very hydrating. Eat half a cucumber and then thinly slice the remaining half and use it as moisturizing face mask.

Sleep! Your skin can heal and rejuvenate itself. This happens all the time, but mostly occurs when we’re asleep. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. If you need help, try chamomile tea or some natural remedies.

Be gentle to your skin on the wedding day

Do not have exfoliation, cleaning, or waxing on the same day or even a few days prior to the wedding. Use only a gentle cleanser with your hands on your wedding day. Don’t use a washcloth or anything that can possibly irritate the skin. If you have a blemish, use a cool compress to minimize it before putting on concealer and foundation.

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Wedding Invitations: Online versus Post Office?

Should you send your wedding invitations in the mail, the old-fashioned way, or should you send them via email or through a website?

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.09.41 PM.png

Decisions, decisions, decisions! There are so many more decisions that need to be made while planning for a wedding - - Right? Let me try to help you with this one by providing some practical points and also sharing my personal experience. Keep in mind that, just as with any other aspect of your wedding preparations, there is no right or wrong way. It’s all about your priorities and how you want to spend your wedding budget. 


exaples shown from

I, for one, chose to use Greenvelope because it made sense for us. We live in NYC and most of our families live in Europe, and we both have friends that live all over the world, so sending everyone an actual printed invite would have been not only so expensive but a massive undertaking. Also, I loved the fact that our email invites included all of the information regarding our wedding day and the festivities that weekend. I have to say it was so much easier to manage and I loved the fact that I can see if people got the invites, how many RSVPed, how many didn’t, and etc. And having said all this I still printed 10 paper invites to give to our parents and to have one to keep as a memory.

It’s all about what’s right for you. Making this decision all comes down to your values. Here are a few points to consider:

Price: Creating an online invitation is generally less expensive than mailing them out but it all depends on your guest list. If you have a tiny guest list, it may be inexpensive to send the invites in the mail. It could be totally worth it! If you have ten guests, you could even hand make and customize each invite. If you have 300+, that’s a different story. Depending on your needs, it may be reasonable to send out invitations. If you have a large party, then it will be more costly. It all depends on how you want to spend your wedding budget.

Aesthetics: For some, physical invitations are special and important. If you feel this way then you definitely should have tangible invites made. That way you can have it as a keepsake, and your attendees also. For others, that detail is less important. Online invites are becoming more popular. Even though you can’t hold them in your hand, they can be quite beautiful. With online invitations you can be adventurous and can incorporate multiple photographs and animations. You can also make an interactive website as your invitation.

Guests’ Locations: For me, an online invitation just makes much more sense. It would not be cost-efficient to mail beautifully-designed invitations across the United States and all the way to Bulgaria. I’d rather use that money towards other aspects of my big event. Consider postage, in addition to printing prices when coming to this decision.

The Knot You can personalize your URL, which makes it even easier for your guests to access the details anytime they so desire. No need for them to wait until they are in front of the fridge staring at your invitation tacked up on it with a magnet.

E-vite For the very low-key wedding, an e-vite with RSVP tracking may be a perfect fit. Some of my friends are planning laid-back weddings and they don’t want to spend any money on wedding invitations. However, they still want to lay out the details to everyone.

GreenVelope This site is easy to use and a features personalized digital envelopes, liner, and even cute digital stamps.

Punchbowl The invitations are simple and elegant and you can track and manage your guest list from your smartphone.

Hopefully I’ve helped you come closer to deciding what kind of invite is right for you.

Tuxedos Can Be Just As Dazzling As A Wedding Dress

There Are More Tux Options Out There Than You Think

Click on image for source and details.

When planning the wedding we (the brides) are often responsible for overlooking every aspect of the event. The bride’s job is to make sure everything is perfect and picking the groom’s attire is often included in her duties.

There are tuxedos for every personality and occasion and here are some fun out-of-the-box ideas for you and your hubby to consider when it comes to his attire.

White Jacket Or Full White Tuxedo: The groom can match the bride! Or for same sex couples both brides or grooms can wear white. Just have to make sure to not to spill anything.

Velvet Jackets: Posh, soft and oh so fun to touch. Not the best for outdoor summer weddings probably. But, will add warmth for a winter one. Green or red velvet ones have a festive appearance. Perfect for holiday receptions.

Funky Print Jackets: For the stylish, weird boys, you can have your pick of the patterns, from floral to downright wacky. The Dolce and Gabbana jacket is just perfect for the eccentric man!

Textured Jackets: If you don’t want to go that wild, but you want something a bit untraditional go for the textured jackets. You can keep it classic with a black jacket decorated with textures.

Round Shawl Lapel: This style is a derivative of the standard tux. Good for the well-rounded man!

Double Breasted: It’s a classic, and slightly vintage look. It nods to the 1920s gangster-look but with a modern twist.

Peak Lapel: A peak lapel is a lapel that defined by edges that point upwards to the tuxedo’s shoulders. For those sharp, witty grooms!

Tom Ford: Anything Tom Ford has ever worn on a red carpet or any other event. He is the king of looking good and you can never go wrong with being inspired by him.          

This is cool guide on tips for a perfect tux fit I found on the Knot.

And I made a Pinterest Board for you to check out...

My Top Picks For Creating Your Own Wedding Website

Dedicating a website to your wedding is an efficient way to combine all the details of your wedding. I am personally planning my own wedding next summer in Europe and I have guests attending from all over the world. I love that on our "wedding website" we can share with everyone at once all the events we have planned and provide information for airports, hotels, and other fun things to do in my city. People can visit it at their leisure and this will save everyone a ton of time spent going back forth with questions. It's perfect!

I personally chose because it's free and I loved their templates but there are so many options out there to help you build your dream wedding website.

Squarespace: This user-friendly platform guides you as you make a mobile-ready website where you can collect all your important wedding info. Squarespace has customer service and support so it’s a great option for the technologically-illiterate.

Riley & Grey: Like Squarespace, Riley & Grey offers customer service support and a custom domain name option. You probably won’t even need any help because the editor is so simple.

Wedding Woo: Wedding Woo prides itself on having “non-cheesy” templates, so check them out if you are looking for something a little different than your standard bridal appearance. They offer Instagram hashtag and RSVP support.

Cordially: Cordially offers simple to funky designs. Another solid option if you are looking for a more unique look for your wedding site.

Appy Couple: This website guides you through the process of creating an interactive website and an accompanying app where you can gather RSVPs, photos, travel details and whatever else is needed for your wedding needs. It’s user friendly and intuitive, meaning no stress to build. There are over 500 designs to choose from.

Zankyou: Like Appy Couple, Zankyou helps you make a site and an app where you and your spouse-to-be can consolidate all important wedding info including maps and hotel recommendations.

Zola: Zola is a wedding registry that offers wedding website creation. They have over 30 designs and they track your RSVPs for you. They even offer an FAQs section to your site where you can direct all those annoying last-minute calls and texts from attendees.

The Knot: With over 100 sleek templates to choose from, The Knot is free and allows you to combine your registry, guest list and checklist. You can even add an interactive forum for guests.

Wedding Wire: Make your website super personalized with the custom photo backdrop. Really cool feature: their WedSocial app, which allows your friends and family to post photos instantly from their mobile device onto the site. So, you won’t miss any candid moments!

Minted: Simple and clean, like a mint, these wedding sites are free if you use the Minted’s templates. If you upgrade, you can customize the background to you and your love. Include all your deets, and link up your registry.  

One Page Love: This is great for those who want a site with basic details about the wedding. It’s called One Page Love because the sites are only one page. That means, no "about page",  and no "photos page". Just the main page!

Fall Editorial - Where to Elope in Prospect Park: 6 Hidden Gems

Love the iconic architectural views and natural scenery of Central Park for your elopement? But feelin’ that Brooklyn vibe?! We get it! Brooklyn is easy to fall in love with and Prospect Park is just one of the many reasons why.

So if you’re a nature-loving, adventure-seeking, art-inspired, trailblazing couple who wants to elope somewhere romantically scenic without the city crowds, get married in Prospect Park. You’ll thank us later.

Text by our partner in crime Daniela VillaRamos of Once Upon a Vow

Fair warning: some of these Prospect Park elopement spots don’t have readily identifiable names that can be found on Google maps so make sure to check out the links in the description to the pre-pinned locations complete with latitude and longitude for your ease and exploration. You’re VERY welcome!

Binnen Bridge: This wooden bridge connects park-goers from the Music Pagoda, which was once a theater venue, to the uber popular Prospect Park wedding location, The Boathouse. Symbolically, bridges are a beautiful place to elope since you’re “crossing over” into married life together! But even though The Binnen Bridge is relatively more quiet than its sister bridges, make sure to keep in mind that local bikers, runners, and dog walkers will pass by no matter what.

Binnen Falls: A waterfall in Brooklyn? YESSS! We’re full of surprises, aren’t we?! Right below the Binnen Bridge, you’ll find the sweetest waterfall which makes for an idyllic ceremony backdrop. The great news is that you don’t even have to break a sweat getting to it. Just make sure to watch your step.

Binnen’s Rustic Viewing Stand: While most elopement spots require some standing room, this unnamed gem is one of the few that comes with it’s very own natural seating. Located steps away from Binnen Bridge with a paved path leading to it, you’ll get married with sounds of the nearby waterfall and a picturesque view of Prospect Park’s Boathouse. Could you ask for anything more?

Lullwater Bridge: Prospect Park’s iron bridge overlooks the most popular wedding venue in the park, The Boathouse. Most couples take portrait shots at the Lullwater Bridge post-ceremony, but on early mornings and quiet weekdays, you can have this baby and its architectural eye-candy all to yourself.

Rustic Arbor: The natural branch-like structure of the Rustic Arbor resembles one you’d find in a Long Island vineyard. With views of the lake and plenty of standing room for roughly 20 people - this sweet elopement spot, sought out mostly by locals, is one of many hidden gems you’ll fall for.

Baier Music Island: If you prefer interesting architectural structures with a natural setting, but definitely don’t want to hike for it - the Baier Music Island is right up your alley. Much busier over the summer and warm Fall months, this location is known for its loud concert music so it’s best to elope on an early morning weekday here.

Wellhouse Drive Bridge Underpass: Located between the the Baier Music Island and the Rustic Arbor, the Wellhouse Bridge Underpass is one of many structures you can use as shelter from the rain. If you’re lucky enough to pass by as the sun sets, you’ll catch the rays reflecting off the lake dancing above you.

Peninsula’s Narnia Tree: This unmarked location is the trickiest to find but once you do, you’ll get why we dubbed it The Narnia Tree. It’s large shady branches are hidden away on the Peninsula, far east of the Well House and near the Prospect Park Lake, creating a perfect location for an intimate ceremony and maybe even a first dance!

These eight elopement spots in Prospect Park are only the tip of the iceberg. Trust us when we say, there are countless hidden gems that we can’t wait to share with you!

love is the air!

love is the air!

Amour and Lace Photography  |  Gown: Nathalie Kraynina Bride  |  Florals: Rosewood Floral Co.  |  Hair: Eye Candy Hairstyles  |  Makeup: Angela Valentino  |  Bridal Accessories: Alyson Nicole  |  Officiant: Once Upon A Vow  |  Wedding Bands: Bario Neal    |  LOCATION

The Ultimate Guide to LGBT Wedding Rings

I truly like this article from our friends at and I would like to repost it and share it wth you!

text and images by: Kelly Rice

Only a few decades ago, a same-sex couple planning their wedding would be an almost inconceivable concept – one that many gay and lesbian people wouldn’t even dare to dream of. Hundreds of people in long-term relationship were unable to seal their love with the legal or religious bonds of marriage, bonds that would make their everyday lives much easier and their identities validated and recognized.

Since the decision of the US Supreme Court in 2015, however, same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, and LGBT people can finally celebrate their love in any way they’ve dreamt of. Homosexual and bisexual people are having breathtaking ceremonies, having their dream suits and dresses tailored and inviting their friends and family to their big day. This is a major win for the LGBT community in the US, and all the fights of the past need to be memorized.


To properly celebrate the best day of our lives, we cannot overlook the importance of engagement and wedding rings – symbols of continuity and eternity, binding us together with our better half. Our wedding rings are accessories that will accompany us everyday, probably for the rest of our lives, so we need to make this choice taking a lot of factors and variables into consideration.

This guide to choosing and wearing the perfect wedding ring, is meant to answer some of the questions LGBT people who are to be married may have, as well as give you some inspiration and ideas so that you know where to start looking for the ring on band that will make this memory last!

How to choose the perfect wedding ring

Is there a specific process you need to follow in order to find the right wedding ring? Does the right wedding ring exist? The short answer is no. The longer answer is: it depends on what you’re looking for.

Joking aside, it’s honestly a trick question.  The only guidance you can have in finding the perfect ring, is your personal taste. There are no rules, no strict guidelines. Your wedding day is your day, and no one but you and your partner can decide what suits you best. So, do some research, make yourself familiar with different brands, materials and designs out there. The jewelry market provides a great variety of choices for all different styles, budgets and personalities. From traditional to unique, from affordable to luxurious and everything in between, LGBT people can finally choose whatever we want to keep the memory of their engagement and wedding day literally on our fingers for the rest of our lives.


Do the couples’ rings have to be matching?

Again, it’s only a matter of preference. Some same-sex couples choose to wear matching rings, in order to symbolize the power of their bond. Others choose to wear different rings that represent the unique personality of each partner. Of course, it is always possible to choose two rings with similar aesthetics and have them customized in a way that fits the style of each individual.

Which Finger Do Same Sex Couples Wear Their Wedding Rings?

There are several different opinions here, none of which is either wrong or correct. Depends on the message each couple wishes to communicate when it comes to their alliance and to their conception of marriage. You can wear your ring on the ring finger of the left hand if you feel it’s important to show that your bond is no different to traditionally viewed, heterosexual marriage, or you can wear it on your right hand in order to make the opposite statement and to avoid some invasive questions. You might also decide to rely on traditions related to your faith, if that’s important for you.

At the end of the day what matters is what you feel more comfortable with. This is your life, your marriage, your relationship, and no one can dictate the rules, habits and rituals better than you and your partner.

What If I want to Surprise My Partner?

Many couples choose their wedding rings together after they decide to get married, and that solves many issues and makes the process easier. But what if you’re looking for the perfect ring to propose to your partner, nice restaurant, flowers, falling on one knee and the like? The perfect choice exists for all romantic souls out there, and we’re certain your partner will forever remember that day. You can choose something dazzling that goes with the personality of your loved one, or you can even get something customized for you, engraved with your initials or embellished with the gemstone of your choice.


What you should definitely keep in mind is that it’s better to plan ahead than leave ring shopping for the last minute before the wedding. Doing some extensive research will help you get an idea of the choices you have and of other people’s experiences with searching for the right ring. Discuss it with your partner or prepare accordingly to surprise them. Know your budget, and know whether – and how much – you can afford to exceed it if you find The One. After all, it’s the only piece of garment or jewelry that you and your partner are going to wear every day for the rest of your lives, so you want it to rule out all possibilities that are any less-than-the-best. Consider your habits and professions: does it include manual work? How resistant do you need the metal to be?

With all of this in mind, we’ve brought together a collection of rings that celebrate every kind of couple.  These rings might prove to be the perfect fit for you and the one you love.  Then again, they might be a catalyst that sends you to the right fit.  Whatever the result, every piece listed here would make the perfect complement for a couple in love.

For the playful and youthful type

Rainbow Titanium Wedding Band by Lasercraftdesign on Etsy

Rainbow Titanium Wedding Band by Lasercraftdesign on Etsy

You can always consider stepping out of the box: it’s what us LGBT people love doing the most anyway! Instead of going all traditional, some of us may choose to wear their Pride all day and year long, and remind ourselves what makes our love so special!

A unisex Titanium wedding band with the potential to engrave a personalized message, and a Rainbow Inlay, for proud wearers only




The glamorous choice

A sterling silver band ring with round cut rainbow sapphires make an elegant, colorful and glamorous choice. Definitely on the more affordable end of the spectrum, this unique ring speaks for Pride, love and style every day

14k White gold and diamonds

A breathtaking, romantic choice for Her. White gold vines, embellished with diamonds produce a classy yet discreet and elegant result. You can engrave any message you want on it!

Rainbow Tungsten Ring by NefesTreasures on Etsy

Rainbow Tungsten Ring by NefesTreasures on Etsy

Tungsten Carbide and Rainbow

This Rainbow Colored Tungsten Ring is a unique and inexpensive wedding band for men (or unisex) by NefesTreasures on Etsy, is a unique choice both when it comes to design and material. It is ideal if you are on a low budget, and combines subtlety and color. Tungsten carbide is a material that promises to last even if worn on an everyday basis. The holographic-looking rainbow stripe in the middle adds a touch of modernity and unique design. It might run a bit large, so better order half a size smaller than your normal size.


Antinous Engagement ring in 14k gold and diamonds by Equalli

Antinous Engagement ring in 14k gold and diamonds by Equalli

Antinous was a Greek youth famous for being the lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian. He was worshipped as a hero or as a God after his death, both by Greeks and by Romans. He also became a symbol of Hadrian’s dream of pan-Hellenism, that is, the growth of Greek culture, as well as a symbol of homosexuality and an allusion used by artists and writers like Oscar Wilde.

The Antinous Engagement ring in 14k gold and diamonds by Equalli meets up to the expectations set by the historic name. A majestic choice that can easily match other items of the same collection, elegant, subtle and very luxurious.





For the Femme of Your life

A quite affordable and adorable choice for feminine people who love simplicity, elegance, pastels and sparkles, who love people of any gender identity or expression, whether their rings match or not!



For the Royals

Queensland Ring by Equalli

Queensland Ring by Equalli

If you aren’t afraid to go big to show your partner what they mean to you, Queensland Ring by Equalli is probably the way to go. Sterling silver with round cut rainbow sapphires combined in a star-shaped ring, well-deserved by the one you hold closest to your heart.

Buying a wedding ring is an important decision, and one you’re making right now so take your time, plan correctly, and everything is going to be fine! Good luck searching the most valuable and meaningful gift you’ll ever give your partner and yourself!

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Original and Stylish Wedding Nails Ideas You Will Love #NailART

I am currently planning my own wedding next summer and I’m collecting ideas for all aspects of the event. Recently I saw a friend of mine rocking this really cool crystals manicure and I knew I wanted something similar for my wedding day. After I did some research, I realized just how creative you can get with your wedding Mani and Pedi. Here are some ideas that I loved.

Ombré: Get your roots touched up and leave the ombre for the nails. There are so many ombre options. French fades, glitter gradients and sunset skies are just a few. Think outside the standard ombre nail: you can do a diagonal or horizontal ombre. A rainbow-faded glitter can add some Lisa Frank sparkle to your wedding day.


Chrome: Not a glitter girl but looking for something that will make you shine?

Feathered Tips: This airy look is perfect for the Boho bride!

Crystals and Gems: Your “something blue” can be a blue gem on a finger nail or three! There are endless possibilities and it's like wearing jewelry on your nails. THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE


Glass: I have never seen this before and I think it's very cool (second favorite after the crystals ideas).




Shelly: Channel your inner mermaid queen with pearl or iridescent seashell nails.


Matte & Glitter: If your dress and hair are loud, matte polish is a great way to beautify your nails without drawing all the attention to them.

Over-The-Top Fashion Weddings I Can't Get Enough Of!

Over-the-top weddings are a fantastic source of inspiration for your own ceremony and reception! These lavish events were magical and original and I just love them.

Instead of hiring a conventional wedding planner, swimwear designer Leslie Cohen went a completely different route. She asked a fashion show production team to plan her wedding. La Mode en Images, who have produced shows for Chanel, Valentino and Givenchy organized the extravagant three-day wedding event. It began with a dinner party held at Café de Flore with a “Studio 54” dress code. The next day: a garden party at Musée Rodin complete with fair booths, food trucks and a photo booth.

Guests were allowed to check out the museum, which was closed off to the public and privy only to wedding guests. And the wedding itself was held at Palace of Versailles in Paris.  After the official wedding ceremony, a mock court of Versailles nobles in period costume parading around the palace. The bride and groom rode in on horses. The wedding gown was custom made and designed by one of my favorite designers Giambattista Valli.

For the full story, visit Vogue.

Fashion blogger Feiping Chang also had a three-day extravaganza. She and her husband Lincoln Li were the first (and maybe the only ones) to marry at the Villa Lysis in Capri Italy. The historical monument was built by poet Jacques d'Adelswärd-Fersen in 1905, who 'dedicated to the youth of love.’

'The government has never allowed a wedding to be done [at Villa Lysis]. It took a lot of work, but we're so happy that we were able to help and refurbish this historical monument,' Chang told Hong Kong Tatler. 'We actually built an entire bridge to link the grounds of the villa to the rooftop.'

Their ceremony overlooked an over-the-top (literally,) gorgeous view.

For the three-day wedding, the bride wore three wedding gowns: two by designer Giambattista Valli, including the biggest one Valli has ever made. The bridal party took over the villa and I mean that. They even changed some of the street and restaurant signs nearby into their own names. Best of all, the wedding featured an entire room dedicated to desserts.

For the full story, visit Elle and BRIDES.

Mumford & Sons banjoist Winston Marshall and his wife Dianna Agron, of Glee fame, wed in Morocco.  Her gown alone cost $20,000. It was a sheer, nude-colored Valentino dress featured on the fall/winter 2016/17 runway. So many runway dresses are fit for a queen, why not wear one when you tie the knot? Instead of a veil, she opted for tiny stars on her head. Marshall wore a silk turban. Together, they rode on the backs of camels for their wedding.

For more on their wedding, visit Daily Mail.

When Swarovski crystal heiress Victoria Swarovski married entrepreneur Werner Mürz, she was unsurprisingly sparkly. In fact, her wedding gown was adorned with half a million Swarovski crystals. The gown, designed by Michael Cinco of Dubai, was reportedly worth over a million dollars. If featured a 8-meter veil and train. Earlier on in the three-day event, which took place in Portopiccolo, Italy, the heiress sported a red crystal gown made, also made by Cinco, for a per-ceremony party.

For more on their wedding, visit Business Insider.

Cute “Non-Cake” Wedding Cakes

Would you get a cake made out of wheels of CHEESE for your wedding? I know I would!!!

Your wedding cake does not have to be an all-white seven-tier cake, topped with a little figurine of a bride and groom. No, no. It can be so much more.

In fact, you don’t even need to limit yourself to cakes. Think outside the confectionary box!

What about a pretty tower of macaroons from Anges De Sucre?

Or, a tower of cupcakes?

Jen Rodriguez Photography via Ruffled

Jen Rodriguez Photography via Ruffled

This donut pyramid is surprisingly beautiful!

Donut Hole Mountains can also be gorgeous. Especially when combined with a floral arrangement.

A simple, “naked” cake is stunning when dressed up with a nice hat!


If you and your partner aren’t big into sweets, I don’t think it’s cheesy to toss out a cake for a tower of decadent cheeses.

Bridal Hats: Avant-Guarde Alternatives To The Veil

And what are the right #hashtags to search for?

***Click on images for source and credits***

I am truly in love with this new trend of the “Bridal Hat” and I thought you might be as well! I think it’s such an exciting original way to accessorize a wedding dress. This will inspire many brides next spring and summer… here is what I found so far.

A Bohemian-inspired floppy hat can add some edge to even the most formal of gowns. For winter weddings, go for wool. If it’s summer, consider a fancy sunhat or straw big brim hat with a big white bow.

 To search for this style, search for keywords: Bohemian, Western, Round Brim, Floppy Hats

Oversized, glamorous headpieces are so much fun. When else do you get to look like you popped right out of Vogue? It’s your day. You’re the Queen. Go all out!

To search for this style, search for keywords: “Oversized Bridal Headpiece”

 For that “Great Gatsby” flavor, pair your gown with a flapper-inspired cap. Other Art-Deco looks can be created by adding a wrapped turban, velour or felt cloche, headband or bucket hat to your beautiful head.

To search for this style, search for keywords: Cloche, Bridal Flapper

You can also combine veils with other forms of hats and hairpieces. If western style is your thing, a cowgirl hat with an attached veil may be the way you want to formally lasso in your spouse! Top hats with veils can give you a rocker look.

 To search for this style, search for keywords: Top Hat With Veil, Cowgirl Hat With Veil

Fascinators and hatinators with feathers, pearls, flowers or silk will fascinate your attendees and captivate your new life partner.

To search for this style, search for keywords: Hatinator, Fascinator

to see more ideas check out our pinterest boad


Wedding Editorial Shoot at Hotel on Rivington Text by our partner in crime: Sheena Meekins of Gina Esposito Photography

Nathalie Kraynina BrideBond_Girl_Bride_GinaEsposito-62.jpg

Earlier this summer, we partnered with some of the city's top creatives and more specifically Gina and Sheena of Gina Esposito Photography to style and shoot an autumn wedding editorial that let our collective creativity run free. The resultthousands of chic unconventional gems inspiring the story below. Enjoy!


If 1958 met 2018 in the crisp, minimalist palette of a Manhattan penthouse, this would be the scene. A nuanced editorial, surrounding a dynamic leading lady at the intersection of elevated glamour and playful sophistication. In short—the story of a modern, Bond Girl bride. Inspired, perhaps, by the iconic alter ego of the traditional bride, the concept aimed to strike a balance between past and present, while evoking a sense of intrigue, romance and allure. 

As an intentional departure from the whimsical garden weddings of late, we opted to tell a story that explores a variety of modernist-fem fashion looks, set against a backdrop of sweeping city views and rich, vintage details. The Penthouse at Hotel on Rivington in New York City served as the primary location—offering its sleek skyline and signature staircase as the ideal canvas for a vaguely mischievous, metropolitan affair. 

We outfitted our model in four unique looks, fulfilling the requisite number of Bond Girl wardrobe changes with elegant separates including beaded long sleeve and tulle tops with flirtatious skirts featuring layered pleats, nude mesh and silk floral detailing. Hairstylist, Michael Glorioso and Makeup Artist, Stephanie Perez, collaborated to create an old Hollywood-inspired look styled to bring a classic timelessness to the otherwise structured, modernist bridal designs in separates collection. The looks culminated with a bold after-party scene, set in the hotel’s retro-chic Jia Lounge.

For decor, Please B Seated provided rentals to help transform the space. A chocolate wooden table, espresso benches, mixed chairs, gold savoy dinnerware and a lush green hedge to contrast the urbane environment with natural textures. Amanda Pierce Productions styled florals from the bouquet to the tablescape, incorporating sultry, velvety amaranths, purple ranunculus and pale roses. This interplay of decade and era was also mirrored in the age-inspired engagement ring from Marisa Perry Atelier and the of-the-moment edge of the three-tier, black dahlia and berry cake by Pip n Bits.

Altogether, each piece of the story converges into an aesthetic that conveys mood, polish, texture, drama, and assertive, intelligent style for the Bond Girl bride and beyond.


Photography: Gina Esposito Venue: Hotel On Rivington  Dresses: Nathalie Kraynina Bridal Shoes: Nina Jewelry/Rings: Marisa Perry Atelier Event Styling & Florals: Amanda Pierce Productions Event & Furniture Rentals: Please B Seated Cake: Pip n BitsHair: Michael Glorioso Makeup: Stephanie Perez Stationery - Invitations & Menu Cards: One Suite Day Calligraphy: Karis Calligraphy Place Cards: Letters From Eden Model: Vanessa Ratnavich Production Fairygodmother: Alex Dimitrovski <3

Badass Wedding- Do you DARE?

Are you a rock and roll couple who wants to escape “the traditional wedding”? More and more couples are throwing tradition out the window and making their wedding personal and fun.

Last year when couples were asked what is most important for them when making decisions regarding the wedding they said the number one factor was to have a entertaining and exciting wedding that represents their personality, lifestyle, and their journey.

For the BADASS bride who dares to have a rock n’ roll wedding you can incorporate your edgy style into your wedding plans and your attire.

Leather Jacket A leather jacket over a wedding dress is the perfect combination of rock n’ roll and tradition. And a white one will maintain the traditional colors, while still expressing your edge. You can rock our “Nathalie” cropped lambskin leather MC jacket embellished with hand-made leather flowers & Swarovski crystals to complete your look.

Sequin gown Instead of a traditional dress, you can opt for a shiny dress. Think 1940s glam. Even though Sequin is very in right now it is also classy and elegant and something that will never go out of style. It’s the type of material that is very flattering to many body shapes and figures and perfect for the bride on the move. You most never will see wrinkles and notice imperfections in sequin. You can do separate and have a long sequin skirt or high-low hem for added drama. If you opt out for a full sequin gown I recommend sleeves as a sleeveless top might get irritating when your arms rub on the dress. There is nothing more rock-and-roll that a little sparkle.

Party in the front, long in the back Get a wedding dress like the one featured in Guns n Roses’ November Rain. Hell, watch that video in general for badass wedding ideas.

Bright makeup & Wild hair Dye your hair neon pink or lilac for the occasion. And make it big! Even just a dark lip can take you from traditional to badass bride. Dark purple or bright red lipstick will make a bold statement.

March 10, 2015 in Anniversary. Written by Kat Photos by Janneke Storm

Tattoos Show your tattoos, pick a dress or an outfit where you can see them. After all they are pieces of art you wear every day and that are part of you. Why try to hide them on your most special day! Some couples even tie the knot by getting matching tats on their wedding day..

December 1, 2015 in Styled Photo Shoots. Written by Kat Photos by Liz Morrow Studios

Accessorize Have your traditional wedding dress but bring out the rock and roll fun with the styling.

Sneakers or Boots Sneakers, cowboy boots or studded combat boots will add a rock n’ roll factor to any bride and groom’s outfits. This is a quick change for those of that want to keep it formal at the ceremony.

Sunglasses & Studded bracelets Throwing on a pair of shades makes any attire a little hotter. Stack your arms with leather, studded and spiked bracelets.

Elope Take a trip to Las Vegas and get married without all the flower arrangement and bridesmaids preparations! Book only a photographer to take pictures that you can later share with all your friends and family. It will be a magical experience without any of hassles that come with planning a wedding with 150 guests!

And most important have fun and be yourself!

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