We would like to share some our techniques with you to help you better understand the making of your custom bridal piece. It is all in the details...

The Perfect Fit:

Nathalie Kraynina is a trained tailor and couturier with lengthy experience in evening and bridal wear. Real women are very different from the fit models often used to create ready-to-wear collections, which are targeted to be worn by thousands of women. Knowing your measurements and custom fitting the pattern to them eliminates the need for alterations, which most often happens with off-the-rack garments. The fit of the garment is usually dictated by the particular design details — but what's more important is creating a custom piece whose pattern is engineered to fit the right way from the beginning.


One of Nathalie Kraynina’s design inspirations has always been the fabrics themselves. Creating a modern statement with a chic and timeless essence by using combinations of different fabrics is Nathalie’s signature. When creating a custom bridal piece, the possibilities are endless, and the bride can be assured that she is getting the best quality fabrics since they are hand-picked by her and the designer.

Boning and Corsets:

Many of our dresses have a corset and cups, incorporated into the bodice of the dress. This assures the perfect fit and support for the bride, and eliminates the need to wear any undergarments. Corsets have been a part of evening wear for centuries and are the best way to accentuate a woman's waist and curves, but they’re often thought of as uncomfortable and restricting. We use spring wire boning only, which is much more flexible and comfortable than the plastic boning often used in ready-to-wear gowns. We place the bones strategically throughout the corset to give shape, support, and straightness to the exterior of the garment, so there is no puckering or unwanted folds on the outside. To provide flexibility, the bones are enclosed in a twill tape tube which allows them to move when the bride bends and sits, assuring that she won't be bothered by the corset or even feel its existence. 

Lace and Bead Work:

A big part of creating a custom piece is the fact that lace, beaded designs, crystals, or other trims can be seamlessly incorporated into the dress from the beginning. We are very familiar with the selection of bridal lace and embellishments available in New York City, as we often take our brides to see them first-hand before they choose the perfect one. The inspiration for many of our creations often comes after we’ve sourced the right trim or lace that adds a special detail or overall texture to the garment. Laying out the lace or beading designs, which requires extreme attention to detail, is all done by hand in our shop and we ensure that the motives match in key places, making the design look seamless.