Original and Stylish Wedding Nails Ideas You Will Love #NailART

I am currently planning my own wedding next summer and I’m collecting ideas for all aspects of the event. Recently I saw a friend of mine rocking this really cool crystals manicure and I knew I wanted something similar for my wedding day. After I did some research, I realized just how creative you can get with your wedding Mani and Pedi. Here are some ideas that I loved.

Ombré: Get your roots touched up and leave the ombre for the nails. There are so many ombre options. French fades, glitter gradients and sunset skies are just a few. Think outside the standard ombre nail: you can do a diagonal or horizontal ombre. A rainbow-faded glitter can add some Lisa Frank sparkle to your wedding day.


Chrome: Not a glitter girl but looking for something that will make you shine?

Feathered Tips: This airy look is perfect for the Boho bride!

Crystals and Gems: Your “something blue” can be a blue gem on a finger nail or three! There are endless possibilities and it's like wearing jewelry on your nails. THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE


Glass: I have never seen this before and I think it's very cool (second favorite after the crystals ideas).




Shelly: Channel your inner mermaid queen with pearl or iridescent seashell nails.


Matte & Glitter: If your dress and hair are loud, matte polish is a great way to beautify your nails without drawing all the attention to them.