Tuxedos Can Be Just As Dazzling As A Wedding Dress

There Are More Tux Options Out There Than You Think

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When planning the wedding we (the brides) are often responsible for overlooking every aspect of the event. The bride’s job is to make sure everything is perfect and picking the groom’s attire is often included in her duties.

There are tuxedos for every personality and occasion and here are some fun out-of-the-box ideas for you and your hubby to consider when it comes to his attire.

White Jacket Or Full White Tuxedo: The groom can match the bride! Or for same sex couples both brides or grooms can wear white. Just have to make sure to not to spill anything.

Velvet Jackets: Posh, soft and oh so fun to touch. Not the best for outdoor summer weddings probably. But, will add warmth for a winter one. Green or red velvet ones have a festive appearance. Perfect for holiday receptions.

Funky Print Jackets: For the stylish, weird boys, you can have your pick of the patterns, from floral to downright wacky. The Dolce and Gabbana jacket is just perfect for the eccentric man!

Textured Jackets: If you don’t want to go that wild, but you want something a bit untraditional go for the textured jackets. You can keep it classic with a black jacket decorated with textures.

Round Shawl Lapel: This style is a derivative of the standard tux. Good for the well-rounded man!

Double Breasted: It’s a classic, and slightly vintage look. It nods to the 1920s gangster-look but with a modern twist.

Peak Lapel: A peak lapel is a lapel that defined by edges that point upwards to the tuxedo’s shoulders. For those sharp, witty grooms!

Tom Ford: Anything Tom Ford has ever worn on a red carpet or any other event. He is the king of looking good and you can never go wrong with being inspired by him.          

This is cool guide on tips for a perfect tux fit I found on the Knot.

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