The Cool Bride's Guide To Finding Fun & Modern Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to the bridal party not every bride wants to take the traditional route. 

Planning a wedding can often become a big stressful ordeal and being a bridesmaid can come with its own particular set of headaches. Why not bring focus on fun while sharing your special day with your best friends? 

There are plenty of fun alternatives to the standard bridal party. The idea of your maid-of-honor and bridesmaids in custom dresses seems dreamy but when you get down to the details of planning it, it's often a nightmare. And, all your friends have their own distinct personality and style. How do you have your wedding perfect and make everyone happy when picking out the bridesmaid outfits?

You can ditch the titles

It can be really hard to pick who your maid of honor should be. To avoid hard feelings and a difficult decision, just give everyone in your close friend group fun and important names and roles. Maybe your friend Jen is a really good speaker. She can be the designated speech giver. And your pal Rachel teaches dance. She can be responsible for getting everyone out on the dance floor. Be creative with it.

Have them get dresses they’ll wear again

Instead of shelling out big money for a dress they will most like hate and likely never wear again consider an alternative.

Let your bridesmaid pick their own dress and style. Show them the inspiration for your wedding. One fun idea for a summer wedding is to have your bridesmaids wear floral print. It makes a statement that they are part of your wedding but it gives them the opportunity to pick out their own style of dress, one that they can wear again during other summer occasions.

Another option is to have all your bridesmaids wear a certain color. But the dress style and fit is up to them. Share the colors you want to be the accents at the wedding for example metallics or blush and nude.


They don’t even need to wear dresses

Cute, matching tops, paired with maxi or tulle skirts can be fun.

Don't worry about it looking too different. Your brides are your friends and they ARE excited and happy for you- they will choose something they personally like but most important something that would make you happy as well. 



Gift your bridesmaids matching jewelry. A simple initial pendant or bracelet can be the perfect way to say thank you for being your bridesmaid. It will always fit and it's a nice way to have something special to remember your wedding day.

If you don’t want to cramp your bridesmaids individual styles, tell them to wear whatever they want. You can opt for unique accessories for them such as flower crowns or hairpieces instead.


Your closest friends can all carry umbrellas, fans, or lanterns to indicate that they are part of your close knit circle.