Unique Guestbook Ideas: Beyond the Book

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After months of planning, and stressing the details, you want to make sure you remember your wedding day. Guestbooks are traditionally a great way for family and friends to leave behind memories from the wedding, but most modern couples aren’t looking for a simple name and good luck message from there friends and family. It is now important to couples that they find meaningful ways to include family and friends favorite memories from the day. These ideas will give you the opportunity to find a unique way for friends and family to leave you with lasting memories from your wedding day.

Wine Bottle Guestbooks have become very trendy in the last few years. For couples who love a good bottle of wine, or just enjoy an occasional glass, this guestbook could be a good choice for you. Many people incorporate multiple bottles, and have them labeled to be open for specific anniversaries. This is a super fun idea not only for the guest, but for the couple, as it brings years of memories, and you can look back at the advice from your families for anniversaries to come. Choosing metallic sharpies, or paint pens that match the label of the bottle creates a very rich look.

Polaroid Books are a cute way to let your family have fun and create memories that you will get to look back at. You can encourage guests to have fun with the cameras, take silly pictures, and just document candid moments from the big day. Your result can turn out like a grown up “yearbook”. Each picture will be pasted in by the guest that took it, and below them they can write words of advice, encouragement, and love. This guestbook will be hit with all of the guests, and you’ll have memories to last a lifetime.

Quilted Guestbooks are a unique idea for the cozy newlyweds. Have squares for your friends and family to sign, and have them quilted together after the wedding day, or used pre-made quilts with empty space for signing. A good idea is having monogrammed patches, or the date included  on your blanket. This is a great idea for woodland or cabin themed weddings, and brings a rustic charm to the traditional guestbook.

Globe Guestbooks are fun for our traveling brides. Custom paint or design a globe for you and your partner to keep forever. Having your names, wedding date, and a cute quote can make this guestbook more personal to you. Another fun idea is having guest sign areas that they want you to be able to travel to. This fun guestbook alternative will make for fun decor on the day of your wedding, or in your home for years to come.

Puzzle Guestbooks can be a good way for the couple to interact with their guestbook after the wedding. Either have a wood puzzle made that your guests can decorate the pieces, or print an engagement photo on a puzzle and have guests sign the back. This way you can keep your guestbook forever, and have fun remaking the puzzle on your honeymoon, or after. While you put the pieces together you will get to see the sweet and loving messages your guests have left for you.

Shadow Box Guestbooks are perfect for a couple who want to enjoy their guestbook as decor in their home. Having these shadow box style guestbooks are not only cute and photo worthy, they give you a chance to appreciate the friends and family who joined you on your wedding day. There are so many ways to include a shadow box, and you can make one to fit any wedding theme. Shadow boxes are a fun representation of the amount of love you received on your wedding day from family and friends.

Postcard guestbooks are another unique idea for a traveling couple or a destination wedding. Collect postcards from the area you are getting married in, or from places you would like to travel. Let guests fill out the back of the cards will memories and sweet notes. This guestbook makes for super cute table decor, and can even allow guests to give you a travel bucket list.

Furniture is a substantial way to let your guests be a part of your future home. Many modern brides and grooms are choosing to let guests sign porch chairs or garden benches with there well wishes, and incorporate their guests into their home as well as their wedding. This is a very unconventional guestbook idea, but can definitely be useful as well as decorative. Be sure when choosing the materials that the signatures and notes will not rub off right away.

Christmas Ornaments can be another alternative for a guestbook if you are having a winter, or holiday season wedding. Having friends and family decorate your christmas tree goes far beyond your wedding, as it starts your family off with meaningful holiday decor. These simple decorations can be used year after year and every holiday season remind you of your amazing wedding and your loving family and friends.

Questionnaires are a fun and engaging way for the bride and groom to have fun with their guests. Create pre-made question cards, fill in the blanks, or other mad-lib styled pages for guests to fill out. Leave areas for longer notes, and have blanks for short silly responses. Doing something like this encourages guests who may not normally know what to say in a guestbook to leave a note. The prompts can also be good conversation starters for guests during the event.  

Signed Frame Guestbooks are a very personal touch for a wedding, and make very meaningful decor in the home. Choose your favorite engagement photo and have it matted with a large space between the photo and the frame. In the empty space you can have your family and friends sign their names and write positive notes that will then be on display somewhere in your home. This lets your guests have a positive impact on your wedding day, and the positive energy in your home.

Musical Instruments make a great guestbook for the creative couple. If you or your significant other play an instrument, or is a musician, this is a great way to incorporate that interest into your big day. Choose an instrument that means something to you, and let guests sign it. This is sure to strike a cord with guests, and you can enjoy it as wall art after the celebration. Find guitars or instruments that you can repaint to match your wedding colors.

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