It's Official: We're Made In NYC

As a new member of the Made in NYC initiative, the NK Bride team is excited to let you all know about Made in NYC and what they do for small business like NK Bride. We are proud to be a member of Made in NYC, and hope you find it as exciting as we do!


Made in NYC is an initiative of the Pratt Center for Community Development that focuses on supporting local manufacturers and creating a community that not only supports business owners, but consumers. Made in NYC is dedicated to valuable and high quality products and production, and ensures that the included manufactures are based locally.
The connection that Made in NYC has with the Pratt Institute gives manufactures amazing benefits such as workshops, collaborative experiences, and support in marketing their businesses to the local New York City consumer and beyond. 
Made in NYC is also helpful for you! As the consumer you can search by category, or search for a specific brand. Made in NYC is made up of over 1,200 quality manufacturers that you could search through to find a service or good that you are interested in. 

Made in NYC also provides you with all the information you may need for contacting a business. For example, when opening our page on the Made in NYC website you will have access to our own website, a description of our services, and our contact information. You can also find link to all other social media accounts. 

This information, and the acceptance of a manufacturer into the Made in NYC initiative can help you be sure that you will receive a quality product when working with a small business that is featured on Made in NYC. 

If you are interested in the community that Made in NYC is striving to create between locals and manufacturers mark your calendars for Made in NYC Week, happening October 4-18th. Made in NYC members will be hosting programs, panel discussions, and showrooms. There will also be Made in NYC Pop-up Shows from October 11th-17th. This opportunity is great for learning about local businesses, creating community, and supporting growth for NYC.