NK Bride at "Say I Do" LGBT Wedding Expo

I named the first collection I presented in New York, "The password is Love." It is my way to look at life. I believe you have to love who you are, love what you do, and love what you wear.

Love is the essence of marriage. It knows no boundaries and it is inclusive of all. To me, a wedding is the celebration of LOVE.

The Supreme Court’s decision last June to make same-sex marriage a right nationwide was a BIG win for the LGBT community and a BIG win for LOVE. I happened to be in LA working on a photo shoot when the announcement was made. That night we all went out to celebrate in West Hollywood – it was a big street party that lasted till the morning.

I was so excited for all my friends who finally had their right to spend the rest of their lives with the person they love.

I grew up in Washington, DC, and this past summer I had the chance take my parents to the "Say I Do!” LGBT Wedding Expo in Washington, DC. It was a such pleasure! I love going to bridal expos because it feels like a big wedding celebration. There is music, food, drinks, and always a beautiful display. It is really fun!


Photos by: CYork Photography

It was my first LGBT couples wedding event and I was so happy to be there. I loved to see that big companies, like Bloomingdales Bridal Salon, were there in support of LGBT, but my favorite new vendor was a wedding jewelry company from NYC. The line is called Rony Tennenbaum, named after the designer, and I absolutely fell in love with their esthetics and the whole feel of their company. It is modern and classic, and to make it even better, their work is 100% made in USA.

As a bridal designer I want to support, share the experience, and promote equality between local businesses and the LGBT community. What excites me is the possibility of creating custom wedding pieces that reflect each couple’s personality and individuality and celebrate their love!