Real Wedding: Iva & Dennis

It's always amazing to make a dress for a friend – so I would especially like to share this story. It’s the perfect example of what's possible when you choose to do a custom piece for your wedding.

My close friend Iva came to me in need of help, and when we met she was so lost and uninspired that she was almost sad. She had spent endless hours looking through wedding gown pictures online and she really had no idea what she wanted because she hadn't seen anything that fit her style or was in her budget. I immediately suggested we go look around in the Garment District and see what was available for inspiration. I have always found that a trip like this works very well for brides who are confused.

A few weeks later we visited a few of my favorite bridal fabric stores in New York City. We found a ton of things that interested us, and one lace example that was super exciting. It was thick crochet bridal lace fabric that had a little sheen but was not overwhelmingly heavy or extravagant. It became the inspiration for the dress. I could see Iva's face light up – it was perfect!

Since Iva had gone to fashion school she told me she would like to take the swatch home and think of a design herself and do some sketches. However, she was very skeptical about her drawing ability, but I told her not to worry. She could send me whatever she drew and I would work with her to establish the final design and fit.

Each woman always inspires me, and I love the fact that I can offer exactly what she wants even if she doesn't know how to go about it herself. I always tell my brides to give me all their ideas, even if they are not directly related to the dress design, and then we can come up with a way to incorporate them into the garment. It gives the bride the chance to be a part of designing process, which is always so special.

A few days later when I got Iva's sketches I was blown away! I would like to share them with you, as they are as professional as they come in the industry…

We decided on a two-piece design that included a short jumpsuit with sheer side panels and a chiffon skirt with slits to go over it. The skirt would be worn over the jumpsuit for the ceremony and then removed for the reception. It was a wonderful and modern take on the traditional wedding dress – perfect for Iva to dance the night away and enjoy the party. It was so different than my previous work and It turned out to be one of my favorite wedding pieces that I have worked on…